Token Talk: Blockcloud and Fysical ICO Reviews

Blockcloud - truly innovative blockchain

As far as to go, that is marketing talk for its not blockchain, it’s not even DAG like IOTA’s tangle, its CoDAG, which stands for Compacted Directed Acyclic Graph, and so far the reception to the structure has been good.

Where do these guys come from? Well, heavily, it seems University Research-type programs and from the underlying founding company, Shenzen Oudman Technology, which have a long history in IoT devices including wearables and Big Data.

There is a lot of hype on this project recently, is it justified, is it good bet for a fast turn, find out in the video review.


Now the next ICO caught my attention for the field it is in, and also the low level “no frills”direct approach that almost suggests a large confidence in what they are doing and what they are selling.

So, to keep things simple, they are established players in mobile data sales fields since 2015, with established markets who sell big data on where people are, or, more accurately, how they move. They collect this from the many selling suppliers, apps, social media, phones etc., and sell to customers who use these analytics. It is like the next level up from Foam Protocol, who are a proof of location that I reviewed the other week.

A working successful business with product, no everything is as simple, find the verdict in the video review.