Crypto News Weekly 09.11.18: Crypto Bets Win Big in Midterms, SWIFT Denial for Ripple

A SWIFT denial for Ripple while rumors are rife

The international money transfer organization SWIFT has categorically denied rumors that it is being acquired by Ripple or considering a partnership with them in their latest technology upgrade which is due for November 17.

During the last week, the XRP token has seen a sudden surge coming from 45 cents and peaking at over 54 cents and briefly knocking Ethereum off the number 2 slot on CoinMarketCap. While a cynic might believe the Ripple press machine has been in overdrive in the shadows for a concerted short burst, rumors again appeared in the press of XRP ready to be listed on Coinbase, and that is ready to be linked to Apple Pay through Wirex.  In the same week, it has also been noted by observers and speculators that there was a 40 million XRP transfer to Jed McCaleb, a former Ripple co-founder, who now heads the Stellar XLM currency.

Stellar plans massive consumer giveaway

While the purpose of the massive XRP transfer to Jed McCaleb is not public, it is possible that it is linked to an upcoming airdrop or free giveaway that Stellar is planning to push the adoption of its XLM token. This week they announced a partnership with Blockchain the crypto wallet that would see them give away the equivalent of $125 million of tokens over the next few months at possible predicted levels of $ 25 per user. The idea is to give a massive push to the amount of active Stellar users and to spread the word further through their connections.

Indian teenager threatens to blow up Miami airport over lost Bitcoins

Have you ever found yourself ringing a large corporation to be redirected to an Indian call center where no one actually seems interested about investigating your complaint? Well this is not exactly that, but one frustrated Indian teenager, after ringing the FBI over 50 times and not being happy with their response, has been charged with ringing up Miami airport and threatening to blow it up by storming the airport with an AK47 and suicide bomber’s belt.

The teenager initially had borrowed $1000 from his father to buy Bitcoins and with a bullish market had seen good returns until he was duped by an American con man online who promised to further enhance the fortune but just exited with the Bitcoins. After finding the FBI number on an internet search, and demanding their attention in over 50 calls, the young Indian was tracked down by local police over the hoax calls after a request for assistance from the FBI and arrested.

Blockchain betting on US midterms pushes past $2 million

Predicting the outcome of the US midterm elections has provided a massive boost to decentralized betting platform Augur taking the amount of money staked on the platform past $2 million, with over $1 million being staked on the elections. The Ethereum based dApp (distributed App) crowdsources the likelihood of predictions when setting the odds, and saw a massive increase in its activity in the last few days prior to the elections.

The platform last made the news in August when it was revealed that users were placing bets on the possible dates for the assassination of Donald Trump.

In the midterms, two pro-Bitcoin governors were elected, namely Jared Polis in Colorado and Gavin Newsom in California.

EOS not even a blockchain but a distributed database

The multi-billion dollar crypto network EOS has come under criticism in a supposedly independent report by reviewing company Whiteblock, who said it probably could not support the volume of transactions it says it can and was not even truly a blockchain, but more akin to a distributed database.

The research was led by Brent Xu from Consenys which probably has the biggest interest in the Ethereum network which kind of casts doubt on the impartiality and probably means that Ripple and XRP will be able to hang on to the title of biggest imaginary cryptocurrency under a centralized control for a bit longer.