Viacoin is one of the older coins that is recently SegWit enabled, promising extremely fast transactions. From March onward, Viacoin has conquered the one-dollar range, climbing briefly to as high as $2, then correcting to as low as $0.63.

Viacoin Market Price

Recently, Viacoin has been on an off the top 100 coins on CoinMarketCap. Positions change quickly, and the past months have been turbulent for this token. Viacoin added more than 30% to its market price in 24 hours at the end of August to reach $1.70.


Viacoin Community

As we already mentioned, Viacoin is an old altcoin with a fan base that has tracked the cryptocurrency market through previous highs and lows. And some of the older participants see great potential in Viacoin. Its story may follow that of Monero, which only a year ago cost a few dollars, but has climbed rapidly to above $130 on speculation and a new appetite for its anonymous features.

So while there are many new tokens and projects, there is still a hunger for plain coins with specialized features. And in the case of Viacoin, specializing for speed and low fees.

As this BitcoinTalk thread shows, there are former Litecoin and Bitcoin whales that are now Viacoin whales- such as user Otoh. And it seems like he is in it for the long run, too.

Add to this programmer [Romano], one of the cult figures of the cryptocurrency community. He has been working on the SegWit implementation for Viacoin for a while, announced in a recent tweet.

Viacoin Markets

Viacoin is mostly traded on Bittrex and Poloniex, in the VIA/BTC pair. This means it is vulnerable to pumps and pressures from Bitcoin whales, owners of large holdings. There is a thin volume in EUR coming in from

For intermediate investors, Viacoin is relatively easy to acquire, especially for those based in Europe. Otherwise, buyers would have to be comfortable using Bitcoin, with all the higher fees related to using the leading coin.

Viacoin Wallet

To store Viacoin, there is a version of the Electrum wallet. This is a 12-word mnemonic phrase wallet, which means it can be regenerated from anywhere, provided you keep the phrase. And you will own the private keys.

Viacoin Roadmap and Future

Viacoin will not remain a simple coin but add a few features ahead. Anonymity and the Lightning Network are in the future, at least according to this document.

As for exchanging Viacoin more conveniently, there is a drive to add it to Shapeshift.

For now, information around Viacoin is sparse compared to overhyped new tokens and projects. This is not unusual for the first generation of coins and tokens. And for a while, Viacoin had problems with its main developer. But in the months ahead, the project may see enough updates and trading volume to put it back on the radar. Viacoin is not as loud as other communities to advertise the token, but we may see organic price growth.

In fact, Viacoin has a rather slim Facebook following; its Reddit is rather quiet. We are yet to track the GitHub for big recent developments. But it is still good to remember that Viacoin strives to be just a fast and anonymous payment method- perhaps with the plan of making atomic swaps possible with Bitcoin and Litecoin.

The Twitter community for Viacoin is rather strong, with encouraging updates. There is also a Telegram channel with around 1,400 participants.

Still, Viacoin is a niche asset, and until more exchanges and investors come on board, it will remain relatively hidden.

Viacoin is mostly done with the funding effort to be integrated into Ledger hardware wallets.

Viacoin Scams

The Viacoin team warned users not to buy tokens under the Viacoin name from the Waves platform. These tokens are only replicas and not the real asset.

It seems that some users on the platform are not creating original tokens, but replicas of existing assets. There have been reports for the creation of fake tokens for the upcoming IGNIS ICO (link to Hristina's article on Ardor), as features on some platforms allow cryptocoins to be replicated by an asset that resembles them.

The Verdict on Viacoin

Viacoin may live through a revival, or go back to its low levels. The next few months would be crucial to show whether Viacoin can get more interest among all the freshly arriving tokens. With a market capitalization of $39 million and trading volume around $6 million, Viacoin certainly has place for growth.

With just 22 million tokens in circulation, Viacoin is relatively scarce and may support a rise in price.

Remember to do your due diligence on any token you choose. Never invest funds you cannot afford to lose in whole or in part due to market fluctuation or technological problems.