Meet Jelurida: The Blockchain Service Provider Behind NXT and Ardor Platforms

Jelurida is the company behind NXT, Ardor and Ignis cryptocurrencies, and has worked over the years to deliver truly customizable blockchain infrastructures.

Jelurida is not just another blockchain service provider. It has developed a customizable blockchain infrastructure that is ready for customer use. This is a dynamic, exponentially evolving open-source system fueled by Jelurida’s newly launched blockchain platform, Ardor. Ardor offers several upgrades on the original blockchain platform, Nxt, which has been running since 2013 and still exists.

Ardor provides a broad, versatile base for various new and developing applications in the blockchain space. Here are some features that set Jelurida’s Ardor and Nxt platforms apart from other Ethereum platforms.

Open Source

Jelurida’s open-source, public platform configuration is readily available for use right out of the box. In an ongoing quest for democratizing access to blockchain technology, Nxt and especially Ardor are uniquely designed to make it easy for end-users to access and optimize their product.

Proof of Stake

One of the biggest issues the blockchain world faces, is that of consensus. Jelurida has worked extensively on Proof of Work - a secure, consensus mechanism that replaces the trusted third parties in centralized currencies. Proof of Work does well at providing security and verification but achieves it at significant expense of time, labor, and environmental energy. It has been estimated that current energy consumption for Bitcoin mining amounts to about 30.1 terrawatt hours per year, which equal the use of a mid-sized country.

Jelurida is one of the visionaries of the Proof of Stake concept, which offers the same security as Proof of Work. However, since the former is based on coin ownership rather than the expensive and time-consuming mining process required by Proof of Work, options unavailable in previous blockchain configurations are now in place.

Unique Chain Configuration

This is where Jelurida’s blockchain concept really gets exciting. Part of the challenge with Proof of Work blockchains is that every time a transaction is mined, from the beginning of the blockchain existence, it must be downloaded in its entirety.

Not so with Jelurida! Rather than downloading hundreds of gigabytes of information during each transaction, the Ardor blockchain operates as a parent chain with limitless child chains. This family tree configuration allows for easy management of the blockchain, customizable child chains, and endless potential. The parent chain is responsible for the Proof of Stake security, while the child chains exist for transactional value.

Nxt Issues Fixed

Jelurida’s Nxt open-source concept was a much-needed breath of fresh air for the cryptocurrency space. Still, it was not without its issues, namely blockchain bloat, token exclusivity, and customization limitations. Ardor and its initial child chain, Ignis, solve many of those issues, freeing the blockchain vision to elevate innovation and creativity to a whole new level.

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