Waves (WAVES) Unleashes Another Rally on Keeper Update, Grant Program

WAVES broke out again, growing by more than 22% overnight following the Keeper update.

Waves (WAVES) rallied after the release of the Keeper update, adding new types of transactions to the network. The WAVES market price responded to the upgrade, with a sudden growth of more than 22%, starting late on Tuesday.


WAVES climbed to $3.07, rising from recent lows around $2.50. Volumes also picked up significantly, rising to a one-month peak at $62 million in 24 hours. WAVES has actually become one of the assets that reversed the bearish price slide, gaining from lows around $1 after December’s sell-offs. In the past months, WAVES managed to climb above $4, before losing again.

WAVES gets its boost from Binance trading, where the most influential pair is WAVES/BTC. More than 79% of WAVES volumes are against BTC, and the asset has grown again above 85,000 Satoshi.

The Waves project is pursuing its goal to become one of the leading platforms for tokenization. Recently, the Waves Labs development and accelerator project announced its relaunch, earmarking $1 million in WAVES for blockchain and token projects.

“Waves Grants will debut as a relaunch of Waves Labs’ initial vision. The grant program is aimed at startups and individual developers interested in building new products based on Waves technologies,” said Vitaliy Tsigulev, COO of Waves Lab.

The financing of new projects will happen in a transparent project of grants distribution. The first projects are already moving in with the program:


WAVES also remains attractive based on the expected Vostok airdrop, which requires holding onto the balances. Unfortunately, exchanges will not support the airdrop.


Other minor airdrops also make the asset attractive to the community. The Waves Reddit community has above 56,000 subscribers, lining up among relatively popular projects. Russian supporters also give the coin a wide user base. Waves forums are also active, mostly to keep track of token-based projects and airdrops.

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