Washington State Senators Propose Bill for Boosting Blockchain Adoption

The Republican lawmakers want distributed ledger technology to be implemented in digitized signatures and licenses.

Four lawmakers from Washington State’s legislature have introduced a draft bill, aiming to stimulate the adoption of distributed ledger technology (DLT). The legal proposal, filed in Senate on Friday, focuses on using blockchain in the digitalization of signatures and licenses.

The bill proposes changes to the Washington Electronic Authentication Act so that local authorities can utilize DLT. According to the sponsors, this technology can create trust by tracking all activities in a secure and transparent way. Using blockchain in digital signatures can stimulate the local economy by facilitating commerce with “reliable electronic messages.”

The bill also aims “to provide a voluntary licensing mechanism for digital signature certification authorities by which businesses, consumers, courts, government agencies, and other entities can reasonably be assured as to the integrity, authenticity, and nonrepudiation of a digitally signed electronic communication” and “to encourage the development of distributed ledger technology.”

In addition, DLT can minimize the falsification of licenses and signatures, the bill reads. Under the proposal, local authorities would be obliged to create standards for blockchain implementation in the digitalization of state-issued documents.

The draft introduces definitions of private keys and key pairs in a bid to provide certainty to business.

“Hold a private key” means to be authorized to utilize a private key. “Key pair” means a private key and its corresponding public key in an asymmetric cryptosystem, keys which have the property that the public key can verify a digital signature that the private key creates,” according to the document.

Currently, the fate of the bill is unclear as the four sponsors - Sharon Brown, Ann Rivers, Randi Becker, and Shelly Short – come from the Republican Party, which does not have a majority in either of the local chambers.

US lawmakers on a federal and state level have recently written bills in an attempt to boost DLT adoption in various industries, including telecommunications.

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