Visa UK Ex-CEO Joins Cryptocurrency Startup as Executive

The former CEO of Visa UK was recently appointed as CEO of Crypterium, a service that allows people to pay with cryptocurrencies as they would with any contactless virtual card.

Marc O’Brien, former CEO for Visa UK, just joined Crypterium—a cryptocurrency payment service—as its CEO.

His leadership is backed by a 25-year career in financial services and fintech, including an advisory position at MasterCard before taking the position of CEO at Visa UK. Once he left Visa in 2014, he once again started advising companies, this time in the fintech sector with the most prominent being Revolut.

“Marc will now lead the launch of Crypterium App that will let its users pay with cryptocurrencies with the same ease and convenience as with cash or credit cards,” the company said in its announcement.

Having a heavy hitter like O’Brien in the company might help it reach its goals more quickly. Having experience with companies like Revolut, this wouldn’t be too much of a change of pace for him.

Moreover, he appears to be betting actively on the cryptocurrency ecosystem, something we’ve begun seeing from several big names in finance over the last few months.

“I am delighted to be joining Crypterium at such an exciting time. I strongly believe that cryptocurrency is about to go mainstream and we can be pioneers to build Crypterium into a terrific business,” O’Brien said.

His appointment comes at a nascent stage for the company, as many of the kinks in the application are still being worked out and its full features can only be used by those who have received an invitation code.

Although cryptocurrencies are just starting to reach the mainstream on Wall Street and overseas with the implementation of institutional trading by LMAX, it still needs more work before making headway with the general consumer market.

Making payments through digital coins as easy as swiping a card would drastically ease this process.