Verge (XVG) Mystery Partner Officially Revealed! Almost Broke the Internet

Verge's mystery partnership, claimed to be the biggest in crypto, is finally live now!

What a month has it been for Verge (XVG) holders and traders! After the crowdfunding campaign was successfully concluded (thanks mainly to TokenPay), lead developer Justin, aka Sunerok, claimed that April 17 would mark the biggest partnership in the history of crypto.

Who is this partner was the question everyone was asking, with rumors ranging from Apple to Amazon and Paypal to Pornhub. While XVG was trading around 300 Sats in March, it rose to over 1,350 Sats on April 10, before dropping to 970.

Last night however, after the Verge team published a medium post, the price action blew the roof, going from just over 970 Sats to over 1,430.

In the post, the team claimed:

This partner owns one of the largest payment processors on the internet with several hundreds of businesses routing their payment traffic through them. The partner is going to be supporting Verge Currency by rolling out a global marketing campaign with continuous marketing effort throughout the year.

The post also explained the proposed usage for the 75 million XVG raised during the crowdfunding campaign, citing the cost of integration with the partner payment processor, a global marketing campaign, media coverage and a hardware wallet integration.

However, the wait was due to end 10 AM EST, April 17, 2018, and now we finally have the name of Verge’s mystery partner - It appears to be Pornhub.

While it indeed a shocking development, since the favorites were payment processors in the major niches, it may further Verge's adoption. Meanwhile, the price has plummeted majorly as most in the community are expressing disappointment.

On the bright side, it is a partnership nevertheless, despite all the fear, uncertainty and doubt being spread over the internet, particularly Twitter and Telegram. Now we have to see how the community handles the announcement and what happens next.