Utrum Seeks to Make Crypto Investing Accessible and Friendly

Utrum is a platform that aims to solve the issue of trust and confidence in the uncharted territory of ICOs and cryptocurrency projects.

Cryptocurrency projects and blockchain-based startups promise reliability, transparency, and all those lovely things that decentralization brings. But there is a huge issue of trust in a system supposed to be trustless: about 20% of all ICO projects are either outright scams or stillborn, the latest research shows.

We need a map and a friend's helping hand to find a way out of these crypto jungles inhabited by fraudsters, bad actors, and individuals looking to make a quick buck. Utrum's decentralized crowdsource review platform plans to give you all the guidance you need plus an earning opportunity. Based on a robust and cheat-resistant system, Utrum will connect investors, crypto makers, and market experts to deliver reliable reviews, analyses, and market predictions validated by reputation scores and crowd wisdom.

What will Utrum's participants get?

  • An exhaustive database of crypto-related products and services with market reviews and detailed information about the team and the project. Users will be able to check ICO and crypto developers’ backgrounds using advanced tools and investigative research submitted by market experts;
  • Reviews and ratings for digital assets, ICOs, and related crypto services based on a machine learning reputation system called trust factor protocol. The system will learn as the community grows, helping to avoid scams or unsustainable projects;
  • Technical analysis and educational materials supplied by unbiased industry experts along with an extensive knowledge base containing educational crypto articles and videos;
  • Networking opportunities for crypto enthusiasts;
  • Earning opportunities - industry experts and platform members will get rewards in OOT tokens for contributions, while crypto projects will get a chance to exhibit their products and services to the community of investors and crypto enthusiasts.

Utrum utilizes Decentralized ICO (DICO), which is an innovative crowdsale model developed by Komodo Platform. It is based on the so-called Atomic Swaps mechanism that allows users to exchange OOT for other coins in an instant and secure way, wallet-to-wallet.  The process is easy and transparent as there is no centralized token control or smart contracts regulating the sale. The team is selling the token at a fixed price right from its project wallet on Komodo’s decentralized exchange BarterDex.

The metrics from pre-sale buys hitting the BarterDex exchange triggered CoinMarketCap’s system, resulting in the OOT token being listed in a record 24 hours of launching their ICO.

Utrum ICO details

The Utrum team has launched an ICO to raise financing for platform development. The public crowdsale is running from May 21 until June 20, or until the hard cap of $5 million is reached, whichever happens first. The total supply of OOT tokens is limited to 216 million with 23%  available for sale during the ICO. Utrum accepts over 50 digital coins as payment, with the exchange rate set at 1 OOT = $0.12. However, those who buy before June 4 will receive a 15% discount. 

If you are interested in this ICO, you can visit the official website or subscribe to project updates on Twitter and Telegram.