Use Cases Are Key to Unleashing Blockchain Potential, Marc P. Bernegger Tells NEXT BLOCK Audience in Sofia

Marc P. Bernegger, a serial fintech and crypto entrepreneur, shared his opinion on the current state of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry during the Digital Assets vs. Physical Assets panel at the NEXT BLOCK Conference in Sofia.

Marc P. Bernegger has been a massive blockchain and cryptocurrency fan since 2012, when he purchased his first Bitcoin. However, he feels that the industry is still in its infancy, with the vast pool of opportunities yet to be unlocked.

"Everyone is speaking about blockchain and the technology and everything around it, but, honestly, most people don't care. I mean, we need use cases, which are somehow built on the technology. Technology is a foundation, but you have to create use cases," he noted.

As Bernegger pointed out, end consumers do not have to know what is behind the application, service, or product they use on a daily basis as long as it brings value. This is the key to driving adoption on a mass scale and moving to the next more stage of industry development.

"We reached a tipping point as the mass adoption is not about technology anymore but about related value offering. However, we don't see the Google or the Facebook of crypto yet. We are speaking about something which is not really used yet," Bernegger stated.

Many blockchain and cryptocurrency visionaries from around the globe have come to the Bulgarian capital today to participate in the NEXT BLOCK Conference and discuss how the new technology will change our world.

The event launched with the keynote speech from communications ambassador Sterlin Lujan, who shared his views on the role of cryptocurrency in the evolution of money.

You can watch NEXT BLOCK live via the stream below: