U.S. Department of State Believes Blockchain is a Transformative Technology

At the [email protected] Forum, the U.S. Department of State officials spoke about the transformative potential of blockchain technology.

Speaking at the [email protected] forum, officials from the U.S. Department of State seemed convinced that blockchain technology has revolutionary applications in various areas of life.

According to the Secretary of State, John Sullivan, blockchain could facilitate several processes and activities for the State Department, all the way from verifying identities to securing aids and tracking transactions.

“Blockchain has the potential to become the transformative technology of our lifetime. It’s increasing its footprint in our daily lives every day and is expected to play a major role in trade, business, health care management and finance, and, we hope, in the State Department,” he said.

However, the timing of such a revolution was also questioned, as Jamie Smith from the Bitfury Group clocked the current state of the technology as the early 90s era, when compared to the internet:

“Whenever I find people who were involved in what I like to call the creation of the original internet and they are very passionate about blockchain, I always say to them, ‘Okay, so if you want me to buy into this as the second wave of the internet, what year is it right now, in equivalent. 

Most everybody clocks it at 1993. It’s very early. We didn’t have Google until 1998, Facebook until 2004. That early adoption is extremely exciting…but people say to me a lot, ‘When are we going to see this take off?’ I don’t know, we’ll see. It’s very early, but it’s definitely moving quicker than the internet, I think.”

Tomicah Tillemann, the co-founder of the New America Blockchain Trust Accelerator, also voiced his views, calling for more educational programs to spread awareness regarding blockchain technology:

“An almost bigger element of the total project deployment is education. I think what people in this room especially could help with is ensuring that folks have a greater understanding of and a greater familiarity with blockchain and what it can do for them.”

As reported earlier, the [email protected] Forum was planned as a one-day workshop for the U.S. Department of State and their partners in order to discuss blockchain technology applications and challenges along the way.