Upbit Listing Sends Nucleus Vision (NCASH) Price Jumping

The exchange added only an NCASH trading pair with Bitcoin (BTC) on Monday morning UTC.

Nucleus Vision (NCASH), a coin inside a blockchain-powered customer identity management system, leaped nearly 6% on a daily basis on Thursday morning UTC as South Korean crypto exchange Upbit had added the asset to its domestic roster and its newly-launched Singapore platform.

Upbit listed NCASH in one trading pair, with Bitcoin (BTC), although the operator maintains two additional markets, with Ethereum (ETH), and the fiat South Korean won as basic currencies on its domestic exchange and ETH and Singapore dollar markets on the Singapore exchange, which targets mainly English language-speaking clients.

Upbit added Nucleus Vision at 08:30 UTC on Thursday, which triggered a significant price increase for the coin immediately. The digital currency spiked nearly 50% for less than fifteen minutes after the Bittrex listing. NCASH continued its positive trend two and a half hours later as it saw a 5.99% increase on a daily basis and changed hands at $0.002 per coin.

The asset clocked $8 million in trading volume for the last 24 hours to 11:57 UTC on Thursday. Binance was the largest NCASH market as its trading pairs with BTC, ETH, and Binance Coin (BNB) accounted for 58% of the coin volume, or $4.6 million. Bittrex International, which listed the Nucleus Vision less than two weeks ago, became the second most important exchange because its Bitcoin market recorded $2.9 million in trading (36.80%), according to Coinmarketcap data.

Nucleus Vision

NCASH, which currently has more than 5.5 billion tokens in circulation out of 10 billion, ranks number 208 in the cryptocurrency market capitalization list with $12 million in value.

“The Nucleus Vision is a coin based on IoT. ION sensor is installed in the off-line store so that when customers visit the store, they acquire customer information with the consent of the customer and pay NCASH in return. In addition to providing higher customer service with the customer information obtained in the offline store, the customer can also pay for the goods with the NCASH thus obtained,” Upbit’s NCASH presentation reads.

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