United Crypto Mining Group Offers Crypto Currency "Turn-Key" For Miners Around the World

The project aims to create full-service crypto mining solution for efficient remote mining.

Cryptocurrency mining is gaining popularity as last couple of years confirmed that it could bring good profit. However, there are many risks you can come upon if you decide to mine digital tokens at home. United Crypto Mining Group solution will reduce the risks and costs of mining business, and bring the activity to professional level.

The United Crypto Mining Group (UCMG) introduces the full-service crypto mining solution designed to provide access to remote mining for representatives of all countries of the world by offering them a hosing service on its network farms and a wide range of related services.

The UCMG platform will enable users worldwide to

  • use the capacities of remote mining farms
  • purchase mining equipment from the company with its subsequent free setting and placement on any chosen farm
  • send their own mining equipment to chosen hosting capacity with a lower hosting rate
  • renting out their own mining farm capacities
  • get maintenance and repair services

United Crypto Mining Group (UCMG) is going to issue 127,65 million tokens with 111million of them available for potential customers. Buying the token, the client ensures the right to use the capacities established and functioning within the United Crypto Mining Group Network farms, without paying rent for the next 5-year period. One token is equal to ½ W of electricity consumed by the client equipment (by the miner). In order to calculate the number of required tokens for mining on the farm, you need to multiply ½ W by the total amount of electrical energy consumed by the equipment.

“On the mining farm, you can place your own equipment, equipment purchased on the official website of United Crypto Mining Group,” comments Dr. Laurent Nguyen, the CSO of the project. “If you purchased equipment from the company, its placement on the farm is absolutely free. Partnership with United Crypto Mining Group has an undeniable advantage: due to the acquired tokens, you don’t have to pay for maintenance of miners and consumed electric energy. For token holders, a minimum fee for electricity is ¢3 per 1 kW / h.”

UCMG ICO details

United Crypto Mining Group presale stage of crowdsale is now in progress and will last till April 15, 2018. Token generation event of United Crypto Mining Group project starts April 16, 2018 and ends May 27, 2018. The price of one token will be $0.5 + bonus. The exact amount will depend on the date of purchase (with the bonus).

If you’re interested in United Crypto Mining Group ICO, you can visit the official website or follow them on Twitter and Telegram.