Ukraine Tests Blockchain Voting on NEM Protocol

Ukraine’s Central Election Commission is conducting a test voting on the NEM blockchain.

Ukraine’s Central Election Commission said it has launched a test voting on blockchain, using the NEM protocol, and has estimated that the cost for placing a node for voting in each polling station would be $1,227. 

The test vote is conducted in partnership with NEM Foundation’s representative in Ukraine.

“The trial is ongoing and everyone can take part,” Oleksandr Stelmakh, a Commission official in charge of the state register of voters, wrote on his Facebook page.

He added that storing the voting outcome on the NEM blockchain will make impossible for anyone to change the records - a property used to save the information from the 2014 vote for Ukraine’s president.

Another advantage, according to Stelmakh, is that the NEM protocol can also present information in a more user-friendly format.

Ukraine is shaping up as a crypto-friendly country, with various ideas about adopting nationwide blockchain, developing own cryptocurrency and starting work on cryptocurrency regulation. Last year, there were also proposals from Bitfury to set up a blockchain voting system for Ukraine.

On the other hand, voting on blockchain is not such a novel idea anymore. Earlier this week, the state of West Virginia said that will allow troops from the state who have been deployed overseas to vote in the upcoming midterm elections through the blockchain-based app Voatz.

The Swiss “crypto valley” town of Zug also experimented with blockchain voting earlier this year.