Ubex Brings Artificial Intelligence to Advertising Using Blockchain and Smart Contracts

The project is creating an innovative decentralized exchange for digital advertising based on neural networks and smart contracts.

The digital advertising market is expected to reach $335 billion in 2020 from just over $160 billion registered in 2015, according to Statista research. In 2017, the digital ads segment finally toppled TV, gaining a 40% share of the global advertising market.

Despite its positive momentum, the digital advertising market is plagued by problems, including low ads efficiency and profitability, high risk of fraud, and opaque counterparty relationship. The system is defective for all participants: advertisers waste money paying for fake clicks and showing ads to people uninterested in their goods and services, publishers struggle to find reliable advertisers, and consumers are bombarded with unwanted banners, pop-ups, and irrelevant offers.

Ubex offers a neat solution to keep everyone happy and change the way digital advertising is distributed and consumed. The project's decentralized advertising exchange combines the benefits of innovative high-tech instruments, neural networks, and smart contracts, joining them in one ecosystem to promote the transition from traditional pay-per-click schemes to payment for targeted actions.

How does it work?

Neural networks accumulate data about consumer digital behavior to show them the right advertising content at the right time. This leads to a more enthusiastic response to advertising and increases the number of purchases.

Since ads placement is automated and governed by smart contracts, third parties are no longer necessary to regulate the process. By removing the intermediaries, Ubex maximizes the economic efficiency of cooperation for all parties involved in the following way:

Advertisers spend less on developing strategies or testing different channels and get more pronounced results from their targeted campaigns.
Publishers need no longer worry about filling in the ad slots on their websites and getting low ad returns as an artificial intelligence mechanism ensures that the slots are occupied by the most relevant ads.
Users enjoy a significantly improved web surfing experience and timely information about the best deals.

Ubex uses a rating system for advertisers and publishers. The scores are stored on blockchain along with the full history of their operations and provide benefits for the most trustworthy partners.

The team has already released the alpha version of its platform, which is available for everyone to try out. The prototype can be accessed through the website after a simple registration process.

Ubex ICO details

The Ubex token sale is already live. Potential investors will have to create personal token sale accounts and specify their citizenship to be eligible for buying. Residents of the US, North Korea, and Iran cannot participate in the crowdsale due to regulatory restrictions.

The team has limited the minimum contribution to 0.01 ETH or the equivalent amount in BTC or LTC. The token sale will run through August 13 or until the hard cap of 24,000 ETH is reached, whichever happens first. The soft cap of 4,000 ETH was reached within one day during the token sale, which indicates a keen interest in the project.

If you’d like to know more about the project or participate in the ICO, visit the official website or subscribe to the Twitter or Telegram accounts to receive the latest updates.