Twitch Streamer Receives 20 BTC Tip During Livestream

Old School Runescape player Sick Nerd received a donation worth over $70,000 in BTC from an anonymous fan.

An anonymous fan donated 20 Bitcoin (BTC) to a streamer during a live stream. On January 11 ‘Sick Nerd’ was streaming Old School Runescape to his followers on Twitch, when he received the crypto.

The streamer initially received a donation of 4 BTC, with more following throughout the stream. The gamer, who initially believed this was a prank, received a total of 20.49 BTC by the end of the day.

According to Sick Nerd, this is the largest donation he had ever received. After the conclusion of the stream, he took to Twitter to express his gratitude, promising to be “responsible” with the money.

“Thank you to my mysterious benefactor whoever you are, genuinely a life-changing amount of money that I or nobody deserves but look what happened. Crazy!”

Twitch users can donate crypto to their favorite streamers through Streamlabs, which also supports YouTube. Streamlabs recently integrated support for Coinbase, allowing viewers to tip with every coin supported by the platform. However, cryptocurrency donations remain fairly unpopular, with the majority of donations on the site being made with traditional fiat currencies.

Sick Nerd, who claimed he did not know the benefactor, is far from the best-known streamers in the gaming community, with a mere 20,000 subscribers on YouTube and 109,000 followers on Twitch. By comparison, the world’s top streamer, 27-year-old Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, has over 13 million followers on Twitch, and earned $10 million in 2018 alone.

The game Sick Nerd was playing is popular MMORPG Old School Runescape, a copy of the 2001 title ‘Runescape’ which set a Guinness world record with over 200 million users. Released back in 2013, it takes place on Gielinor, a medieval fantasy plain, where players complete quests, collect rewards, and fight goblins, chickens, and ancient deities. Although based on an 18-year-old game, Old School Runescape remains the fourth most popular game on the platform, with 285,000 followers.

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