Turkish Hackers Arrested over Stolen BTC Worth $80,000

Istanbul police detained 11 individuals over the theft of Bitcoin worth $80,000.

The Cybercrime Department of the Turkish National Police has apprehended 11 individuals in Istanbul suspected of an alleged hack of crypto accounts, Turkish newspaper Hurriyet has reported. According to the publication, 14 victims had informed the police about their compromised crypto wallets, with more than $80,000 in Bitcoin (BTC) reported as stolen so far.

Turkish law enforcement officers launched an investigation against the group of cybercriminals that had purportedly hacked victims’ email addresses. On October 26, agents of the Istanbul cybercrime unit detained 11 people associated with the cyber attack. Forged ID cards, mobile phones, SIM cards, memory sticks and other hardware items have also been seized from the suspects. One of the detained individuals has already been released by the police.

According to Turkish prosecutors, the amount of stolen Bitcoin is worth around 437,000 Turkish lira, or more than $80,000. The group of attackers allegedly moved the stolen crypto to multiple accounts in an attempt to cover their tracks before subsequently selling it for fiat.

During the investigation, the cybercrime unit identified some suspects by tracking new SIM card numbers registered to crypto exchange accounts by the hackers. Police agents also tracked the suspects who tried to withdraw the stolen assets from ATMs and banks based on records by multiple security cameras. The article says that the investigation is ongoing, with policemen looking for more victims of the hackers.

$80,000 in BTC Missing

According to the Turkish prosecution, the stolen BTC is not readily available. The suspects have allegedly transferred the stolen digital assets to multiple wallets before attempting to exchange them for fiat currency. The police tracked down and apprehended the individuals as they were trying to withdraw Turkish lira from multiple Bitcoin ATMs and banks. Law enforcement forces confirmed at least one suspect to be still at large.

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