TRON (TRX) Hangs On, Adds Trading Volume

TRX is among the best-traded asset on Binance, and remains in the top 10 of the most active coins overall.

TRON (TRX) seems to be locked within the $0.04 range, but in the past weeks, trading seems to awaken, as volumes turn consistently higher. TRX is among the batch of the most active coins that slumped in February and March, only to reappear with new strength and claim top trading volumes on the Binance exchange.


The TRON project is still preparing for its mainnet launch, while gathering momentum in terms of partnerships. The most recent one is a partnership with READ Token, a Chinese ecosystem that rewards book content in a tokenized economic ecosystem.

The READ Token project will also apply to become one of the TRON Super Representatives. Representatives and Super Representatives are voted by token holders, and need to be transparent and reveal their teams and the technical resources they are bringing to the network.

In the future, voting would be a big part of the TRON ecosystem, to ensure governance, blockchain version control, but also to create a second layer of complexity. The TRX digital asset will have a potentially active season at least until June 21, when the launch of the mainnet is scheduled. For now, the testnet news managed to create limited price action, but TRX is still far from the sudden spike in December.

TRON Migration: Use Exchanges

Buying and ownin TRON now will lead users to technicalities related to the main net launch. One of the options is to keep TRON on Binance, and rely on the exchange to make the transfer to the new type of asset. Storing TRON on MyEtherWallet after June 21 will mean no new tokens would be credited.

For now, TRON has not given any other registration system for the token balances, and it does not have a proprietary wallet. A movement of tokens to exchanges would be expected toon, especially affecting Binance, and those who are used to wallet storage and cold storage would be inconvenienced.