TRON’s (TRX) Justin Sun Wins Lunch with Warren Buffett for $4.6 Million

The move was viewed with some skepticism by the crypto community, but fits the image of Sun as aiming to place himself among big entrepreneurs.

Justin Sun, the co-founder of TRON (TRX), is preparing for a historic meeting, after winning the right to have lunch with Warren Buffett in the traditional annual bidding. While some see this as a publicity stunt, it will also be a historic meeting between an iconic mainstream investor and a representative of the digital asset economy.

The winning bid has been confirmed by San Francisco-based Glide Foundation that organizes the auction. Buffett himself commented:

“I’m delighted with the fact that Justin has won the lunch and am looking forward to meeting him and his friends,” Buffett said in a statement provided by his assistant. “We are going to have a good time and Glide will use his contribution to help many thousands of people.”

This will be the 20th charity lunch after Buffett started using this form of donation to the Glide Foundation.

Buffett has been known for his skepticism of new technology, notoriously missing the rise of some of the tech giants. It seems Buffett is also mostly unaware of Bitcoin or other digital assets.

The crypto community was partially shocked by the high bid, around $4.6 million, suggesting Sun and the TRON project may be cash-rich enough. TRON is one of the lower priced coins, but the project has spread with use cases in Chinese video media. The biggest bid to fame and a real-world business, however, is the BitTorrent acquisition.

TRON’s founder has moved into becoming a self-made entrepreneur and is no stranger to powerful mentors. He graduated from the Jack Ma University, apparently becoming a star and receiving the stamp of approval from Alibaba’s founder.

Now, the next big question is which seven guests will be invited along with Sun. Names such as Binance’s Changpeng Zhao have been suggested. Sun is still open to invitations, as stated in an address to the community:

“I look at the upcoming lunch with Buffett as an opportunity to seek mutual understanding and growth. To aid in the conversation and support the overall cryptocurrency and blockchain community, I will invite several industry leaders — with your input — to accompany me to New York City for the lunch.”

But the trouble is, the leaders of some digital asset projects show clear enmity to one another, or in the best case, indifference. There are also skeptics who believe Sun’s move is little more than a publicity stunt.

Following the news, TRX traded around $0.033, down 11% in the past day due to an overall market crash led by Bitcoin (BTC).

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