TRON’s Justin Sun on CNBC: Cryptocurrencies to Bring the “Next Wave of the Internet”

In a brief interview on CNBC, Justin Sun shared his optimism about the adoption of blockchain technology.

Justin Sun is focused on mass adoption and the technologies helping push the crypto space forward, and not so much the market capitalization. The founder of TRON (TRX) appeared for a short interview with CNBC, sharing his excitement about what he sees as positive developments in the industry.

Sun believes there are indicators that digital assets are taking over: the success of the Lightning Network, but also larger moves such as Facebook’s suggestion of launching a digital asset, as well as JP Morgan’s dollar-pegged coin.

He also remarked that digital currencies may bring about “the next wave of the Internet”, especially based on second-layer technologies. The TRON project has the potential of mass adoption, stated Sun, and digital assets are an opportunity for the younger generation. Sun sees the entire sector as very promising.

The optimistic remarks, however, failed to ignite the TRX market price, which has remained stagnant and has slid in the past weeks. As of 13:30 UTC on Wednesday, TRX market prices hovered around $0.022, with no significant change in months. TRX has remained stagnant despite predictions that wider adoption would lead to prices above $0.10 and even higher.

BitTorrent Token (BTT), one of the more promising assets linked to the BitTorrent client, has also slid, from levels of $0.001 down to $0.00074, as the initial hype and active Binance trading subsided.

TRON remains one of the most innovative networks, so far showing smooth coordination between Super Delegates, the entities that produce blocks. According to Tronscan data, there are more than 2.09 million accounts on the network, with more than 2.7 million transactions in the past 24 hours.

The TRON network carries up to 748 transactions per second and regularly sees up to 41 transactions per second. The network has also become the leader in distributed app usage, far outpacing Ethereum (ETH) with more daily users and faster transactions.

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