TRONBet App Boosts TRON (TRX) with $48M Weekly Betting Volumes

TRON has quickly taken the lead among distributed app platforms as gambling remains the most active type of dApp to generate activity.

TRONBet has become one of the leading distributed apps (dApp) on the TRON (TRX) network, clocking $48.7 million in weekly bets, as per data from DappRadar. The dApp has around 2,600 users per day, which is a relatively robust number, especially given the lag of Ethereum (ETH) users.

In recent months, networks like TRON and EOS have drawn far more users due to their easier process and free transactions. So far, TRON has not revealed any exploits, while EOS gambling app vulnerabilities still lead to losses.

All top 5 applications on TRON revolve around gambling and gaming, including the - a game considered highly risky. Non-gambling games are also an active type of dApp, another being decentralized exchanges. TRON dApps are becoming more accessible, immediately available after a new upgrade on the TRON Wallet.

The TRON Wallet will improve the visualization of dApps and the tools to play or launch new applications.

Despite the price stagnation, TRON is one of the most actively developing projects, constantly adding tokens and users. Soon, the BitTorrent Token (BTT) may be applied in a reward system in file sharing on the BitTorrent network.

The attraction of TRONBet is not only the gambling itself but a form of token mining occurring each time a bet is placed. Users are rewarded with ANTE tokens, which end up redistributing the earnings of the casino. The payout for ANTE holders is in TRX coins.

One of the reasons for the high activity on TRONBet is the possibility for “whales” to place large bets and reap relatively big rewards. Whales owning ANTE tokens also receive hefty rewards from the betting app.

Despite the success of the network, TRX fell on Monday amid deeper sell-offs across the market. The asset’s price dropped to $0.021 as Bitcoin (BTC) slipped further below the $3,800 mark.

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