TRON (TRX): What Will DDOS Mining Do?

Using the TRON network for derivative asset creation may cause problems similar to EOS.

The TRON (TRX) network is being used to mint a new token, aptly named DDOS. The asset, which will aim to use TRON computing resources and the actual TRX asset, has been compared to the EOS-based mining of EIDOS. Almost immediately, the DDOS token became the leading most active asset on the TRON network.

The DDOS token has been created with no initial utility, claiming the community must find a use case. Just like with EIDOS, the simulated mining of DDOS will take place over the coming 15 months. The fast popularity of the token may skew the activity of the TRON network, similar to the taking over of EOS.

Thus, within just a few days in November, the two leading networks in terms of distributed apps and growth have been taken over by a new type of earnings scheme. So far, the DDOS token has not been listed, and is in the very initial stages of mining.

The new scheme has been created by a known persona from the TRON community, known as Master Gao. Also known as Gao Jin, the developer’s blog reveals the DDOS token has taken at least some inspiration from EIDOS.

So far, the effect on the TRON network is uncertain. The MathWallet facilitates the potential to mine DDOS. The app is also the central hub that already offers even Chrome extensions to mine EIDOS. Comments have pointed out MathWallet as potentially having a stake in simulated mining procedures, and possibly a head start in securing network resources.

MathWallet has tried to ensure the crypto community that due to the presence of fees on the TRON network, the DDOS token effect will be mitigated.

Simulated mining brings back the potential for small-scale rewards. However, the value of the tokens is uncertain and the scheme relies on early adoption and dumping the asset on new buyers.

The recent news so far is not affecting the TRX market price, which hovers around $0.018 with a small loss in the past few days. The asset is also instrumental to minting DDOS, as resources can be paid with TRX.

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