TRON (TRX) Prepares for BitTorrent File System Launch; Surprise Announcement Also Expected

BitTorrent Token and TRON will be instrumental to what may become the largest file-sharing system in the world.

TRON (TRX) prepares for the May 30 launch of one of the largest file-sharing ecosystems, powered by the TRON and BitTorrent Token (BTT) technologies. The launch was pre-announced this Monday, adding to the hype surrounding TRON’s network:

The network will track the success of the currently built infrastructure and arrives at a time when TRON already has more than 3 million accounts. The network also has 1,366 regular nodes online, in addition to the 27 Super Representatives, the core of the network’s consensus.

The news also boosted the position of BTT, one of the most successful new tokens. BTT trades at $0.0016, close to ranking among top 30 digital assets based on market capitalization. The token will continue to be unlocked and rewarded to TRX holders on a monthly basis.

The TRX market price is also attempting a climb to a higher range, settling around $0.033 on Wednesday, after reaching a peak of $0.036 late on Tuesday. Briefly, TRX returned as a top 10 coin. The TRON network also shows a sustained increase in distributed apps:

The recent developments in no way guarantee a price rise in the future. Still, both the BTT and TRX tokens are finding solid use cases, and have a ready-built product, having an advantage over networks that keep fine-tuning their consensus mechanism and lag behind on product creation.

Recently, the TRON Foundation also released a guide for developers, encouraging the usage of the network for smart contracts. One of the biggest advantages is the lower cost of deploying smart contracts. Moreover, the token also entered into a partnership with popular internet browser Opera.

In addition to the recent news, Justin Sun may be preparing for another announcement. In a previous teaser, he promised to reveal a new project after June 1, and it is unknown if it is related to the BitTorrent distributed network.

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