TRON (TRX) Meets Another Airdrop Token

After the launch of DDOX, another asset, TGOLDE, prepares to start simulated mining on the TRON network.

The age of simulated mining has arrived for TRON (TRX). Just days after DDOS token started touting its game, another asset, TGOLDE, prepares to start simulated mining. This would be the third token within the ecosystem, grabbing network resources that were previously set aside for transactions and distributed app usage.

Even as the first tokens of this type put a strain on the EOS network, and later, on TRON, there is the fear of copycat tokens proliferating. The EOS network has once again expanded to 56 million transactions per day, of which the multitude of transfers belong to the EIDOS token.

The DDOS token has expanded, to a supply of above 36 million tokens. The EIDOS supply is so far unknown.

The TRON DDOS project has even made a call for Super Representatives to switch their resources to mining the token. The claim was made that EOS block producers immediately switched to the new scheme.

While the TRON network still carries highly active distributed apps, on EOS, there is an outflow of users. Beyond the EOS Dynasty game, all other dApps are down to a few hundred users, as producers have to subsidize their players for EOS resources. The simulated mining may also have burdened EOS with resource exploits, stealing from other dApps:

The claim has been made that TRON will not be so heavily affected and will actually have enough spare resources that can be pointed to mining DDOS without harm to other dApps.

Despite the news, TRX has continued to suffer from the recent market sell-off, sinking to $0.015 after erasing 18% this week. The asset is out of the top 10 of coins. So far, crypto social media have not commented the ascent of simulated mining, as the activity is usually situated within apps and the users of MathWallet.

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