TRON (TRX) Founder Justin Sun Shows Up in San Francisco to Counter Speculations

After speculations around the reason for the postponed lunch with Warren Buffett, a live video by Sun showed he was actually in San Francisco.

An accident, or another carefully crafted communication stunt? Justin Sun was poised to attend this year’s charity lunch with Warren Buffett, only to call off the event at the last moment. The official excuse given - a kidney stone - was viewed with skepticism. For a short time, messages real and fake jostled around, suggesting that either the charity lunch was a scam, or that Sun could not actually leave China.

The doubts were dispelled after a video clearly shot in San Francisco.

Later, Sun tweeted about his improving health, and the possibility to continue work on the TRON network and BitTorrent. There is no new set date for the charity lunch.

Over almost two years since the launch of TRON, the project has been the most renowned for its social media communication strategy. TRON is easily one of the most mentioned projects on Twitter, relying on regular pre-announcements and official updates. Many have accused TRON of constantly communicating, though without much substance.

A charity lunch with Warren Buffett was seen as a chance for Sun and a small group of hand-picked attendees to speak on behalf of digital assets and distributed networks. Given the famous investor’s skepticism of Bitcoin (BTC), the meetup would be an interesting clash of views.

In addition to the lunch that may still happen, TRON is riding on another source of publicity. WINk, a gaming and gambling project built on TRON, will debut soon in a Binance token sale. This is the second IEO based on the TRON network following BitTorrent Token (BTT).

But this time, the sale of the WIN token is viewed as dubious, potentially exposing investors to a risky gambling business model.

Following the news of the delayed charity lunch, TRX market prices sank once again. TRX retreated to $0.023, down around 6% in the past 24 hours. Despite the delay, Sun ensured that the sum of $4.5 million would be donated to charity.

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