TRON’s website was remodeled just 15 days before its mainnet release. Its website no longer looks as simple as it did, rejuvenating it and giving investors the message that the project is approaching a new stage.

“Currently, the re-designed website of TRON was launched, with the main focus on project progress and real-time issuance. On the one hand, timeliness gets optimized on the basis of strengthening practicality. On the other hand, ‘TRX MARKET PERFORMANCE’ was added so that viewers can see the global rank and latest news of TRON, perceiving TRON in a bigger picture. In addition, the re-designed website offers a more user-friendly portal, with improved color plan, content structure and reading experience,” the foundation said in an announcement.

The countdown now takes center stage on the front page, below the menu, showing how many days are left until the mainnet release (today, 14 days).

Below it is some material introducing new visitors to the cryptocurrency, and then a map of all the nodes in the TRON network. Currently, there are 72 online nodes tracking a blockchain with 176,013 blocks at 1,165 transactions per hour.

The market performance section below that features publicly-available information about TRX and its rank among cryptocurrencies as well as how many people hold the cryptocurrency—labeled “Hodlers” in jest.

The fact that TRON is moving away from the Ethereum blockchain might provide some relief to the community, as the rivalry between Vitalik Buterin and Justin Sun hasn’t settled.

At one point, Sun asserted that TRX is superior to ETH because of its chain structure. Buterin shot back by pointing to the fact that some of the foundation’s whitepaper was copied from other material.

As TRON moves away from the Ethereum blockchain, the cryptocurrency will have time to prove itself against the likes of Ether as each vies for the top spot.