Trezor Wallet to Integrate Bitcoin Gold

The Bitcoin Gold project found an ally with Trezor, while other wallet platforms are still waiting on the sidelines.

The Trezor hardware wallet provider is working on integrating Bitcoin Gold, in the midst of general skepticism in the community. The project's own wallet, a version of the Electrum wallet, has seen glitches. 

Mining started for Bitcoin Gold this Sunday, but in the first few hours miners did not see their rewards, or had no wallet to send them to. 

Initially, Trezor declined to support the altcoin, due to uncertainties in the code, but now the complete code was released and is being reviewed. Right after the hard fork, Bitcoin Gold came without replay protection and could have caused unwanted transactions. 

For now, the resources of Trezor have been freed up, as the company will not need to adjust to a SegWit2X hard fork. 

Bitcoin Gold was forked on October 25, but the main net started working on November 12, with a lot of glitches. Bitcoin Gold was created by Jack Liao, CEO of LightningAsic, a Hong Kong-based hardware manufacturer, and the project relied on an international team of developers.

At the moment, Bitcoin Gold blocks are produced within the planned 10-minute relative block time.

The price of the asset remains depressed, as it is most heavily traded on Bitfinex. Bitcoin Gold exchanges for $216.438, losing more than 23% in the past 24 hours. The coin peaked near $500 over the weekend in what seemed like a pump, ahead of the recently announced start of mining.

Additional trading is happening on HitBTC, some against Tethers, or USDT.

While Bitcoin Cash is gathering more attentions and trying to attack Bitcoin even more directly, Bitcoin Gold will have to go a long way before being accepted into the cryptocurrency infrastructure.

At the moment, miners are still complaining of having lost coins which did not appear in wallets after hours of mining. Low profitability, high difficulty are discouraging some miners and making them move to other digital assets.