Tokeny to Help VIVOplay Conduct Token Sale for Blockchain Platform VIVOpago

SVOD TV and live streaming service VIVOplay has picked Tokeny to support its token sale event, during which it will release its PAGO tokens for blockchain-based VIVOpago platform.

VIVOplay, a leading Hispanic subscription video on demand (SVOD) television and live streaming service operator, selected Tokeny to help it launch a token sale event. Tokeny is a leading security token-oriented platform that helps entities digitize real-world assets like real estate, stocks or commodities. VIVOplay will use Tokeny’s services for its VIVOpago platform, a blockchain-powered ecosystem that provides users with a wide array of products and services that can be purchased with the upcoming PAGO token. VIVOpago is claimed to be the first Latin American platform to issue a cryptocurrency with practically utility.

PAGO aims to improve the lives of Latin America residents by offering several utilities for token holders, like the ability to pay for daily goods and services.

VIVOpago is working towards developing a dApp-oriented ecosystem to be fueled by the PAGO token. VIVOplay’s current video streaming services will be among the first dApps on the blockchain platform. Thus, VIVOplay dApp will enable users to buy premium video content from leading Spanish-US TV network by paying with PAGO tokens. On the other side, producers and creators will have access to relevant data stored on the distributed ledger. Also, advertisers can benefit from a platform that has advanced viewer measuring capabilities.

VIVPOplay founder and CEO Carlos Hulett commented:

“Our experience in VIVOplay has shown us that one of the biggest growth barriers for companies offering services in Latin America is the low penetration of formal payment systems, such as credit cards and online banking.”

“VIVOpago’s ecosystem and the PAGO token can solve this issue, while providing significant benefits to the Latin American community,” he added.

Tokeny CEO Luc Falempin stated:

“Being the first ICO of its kind in Latin America, we were tremendously excited when we were given the opportunity to work with the team at VIVOpago. At Tokeny, we are immensely proud to provide the technology solutions behind VIVOpago’s ICO and provide the token issuance, on-boarding of investors and delivery of tokens. Our solution is highly secured and user-friendly to enhance the investor experience and ultimately enable tokenization.”, a startup that recently launched a cryptocurrency exchange, will also take part in VIVOplay’s blockchain project.

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