Tokeny Partners with Blocktrade to Offer Fully Regulated Security Tokens

Tokeny and got together to offer compliance services in security token trading.

Luxembourg-based fintech company Tokeny has teamed up with to promote compliance in security token trading. Tokeny is a provider of an institutional grade and secure end-to-end platform that handles the lifecycle and issuance management of tokens.

For its part, Blocktrade claims to offer a best-in-class trading platform for crypto traded indices, crypto assets, and other blockchain-focused and related financial instruments.

Tokeny CEO Luc Falempin said in a statement, “At Tokeny we enable the issuance of security tokens that are fully compliant and compatible with exchanges in the ecosystem. Listing tokens on a secure and regulated trading platform are of utmost importance to our clients and partnering with realizes this vision of tokenized securities trading.”

Falempin added Tokeny is developing an infrastructure of partners to guarantee that every security token the company issues is fully compliant and regulated. He said Tokeny’s core project is its Token for Regulated Exchanges or the TREX infrastructure which is developed to make sure compliance and uniformity in the trading of every issued security token.

For his part, Luka Gubo, CEO commented:

 “We are proud to sign the agreement with Tokeny. They are an important partner who shares our vision to change the future of finance and make the capital markets fairer and more accessible to everyone. Furthermore, we both work with strict compliance, and we believe this will accelerate the path to the wider adoption of crypto assets.”

Neuseren to provide security token solutions

Early this month, Neuseren S.A, a financial services company based in Geneva, Switzerland, had joined a team with US-based BlockRules, a wholly owned unit of pharmaceutical firm Verseon, to provide security token services to companies across the world.

Under the deal, Neuseren will utilize BlockRules’ technology and platform to offer global firms with the capabilities to issue regulated security tokens on public blockchains, particularly Ethereum.

Last month, security token issuer Securitize also teamed up with marketing firm focused on digital securities Issuance to enable security token issues to access marketing solutions. The deal spelled out the cooperation between the two companies based on their relevant experiences.

Issuance CEO Darren Marble added:

 “The ultimate objective of every digital securities issuer is to raise capital as quickly and as cost efficiently as possible.”

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