Tokentarget is the Go-To Marketing Agency to Launch Global ICO

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As the cryptocurrency market adapts to current trends and new ICOs continue to launch across the globe, competition is becoming tougher than ever. Making waves in an already overcrowded crypto market is particularly challenging, which is why tokentarget is helping ICOs market their USPs and attract investors in an innovative, cutting edge and technology-centric way.

Since early 2017, tokentarget has become the go-to marketing agency for companies looking to launch their global ICO by offering tailored marketing solutions to meet their needs. The company mission is to help initial coin offerings, cryptocurrencies, crypto brokers, exchanges and blockchain projects achieve their desired results – whether that is capital funding, expanding their coin and token value or assisting them strategise their product for the marketplace. So far they’ve been key players on some great success stories.

Successful case studies:

A marketing company might talk the talk but can they walk the walk? A detailed look at tokentarget’s past case studies prove they have what it takes to achieve specific ICO goals.

Determined to save money for investors by utilising their own Blockchain technology, launched one of the most eagerly anticipated and watched ICOs of 2017. By collaborating with tokentarget they successful raised $31,169,749 from over 15,073 contributors who purchased an impressive 65,782,147 Trade Tokens making the ICO a huge success.

Speaking of working alongside tokentarget, Chief Strategy Officer of, Mohan Singh, said:

“When it comes to pursuing company goals and attracting investors, it’s essential to have an exciting marketing strategy in place that conveys not only what you’re trying to achieve but why the industry’s sharpest minds should take notice. It’s about standing out in an already overcrowded ICO space – and that’s what tokentarget focus on. They have the skills, insight, technology and passion to successfully market and promote an ICO offering all the latest marketing techniques.

As a company, we are highly satisfied with the service we’ve received. The tokentarget team is extremely professional and has helped our goals to become a reality – without being overly dominating or changing the course of what we needed to achieve. As well as their creative marketing strategies, the on-going information offered about the ICO climate was also much appreciated and enabled us to mould our ICO to suit investors. We are more than pleased with the collaborative results.”


SIRIN LABS’ vision is to become the world’s leader in secure open source consumer electronics developing cyber-protected, blockchain enabled FINNEY™ devices. Their main focus is on true user security while maintaining a high-quality user experience. Teamed with tokentarget, SIRIN LABS’ ICO raised $157,885,825 from over 78,942 contributors.


The purpose of Loci is to change the way the world invents and values ideas. Loci’s InnVenn DIY IP research tool helps people discover new areas of innovation. LOCIcoin tokens fuel the Loci ecosystem and were effectively marketed with the help of tokentarget raising $10,512,000 from over 5,000 contributors.

The mission of is to create a new online eco-system and redefine the sports community industry through the use of technology. It’s a creative, on-going project designed to reward those with a passion for sport – and tokentarget is at the centre of ICO marketing offering everything from powerful messages to inspiring visuals and a clean, modern website.

Full service crypto marketing solutions:

As a leading marketing agency fully aware of the pressure placed on ICOs to succeed, tokentarget offers a wide range of crypto marketing solutions, including:

Brand development

The world of cryptocurrencies and ICOs has changed dramatically over the past six months. Competition is rife which is why tokentarget focusses largely on branding, helping ICOs develop a unique tone of voice that’s instantly recognisable and captivating. Being consistent with all marketing communication is of paramount importance in order to gain the trust of the targeted audience – and that’s where the skills and expertise of tokentarget come into play.

Marketing communications

A great product and leading management and development team are only part of the puzzle to what makes a successful ICO. Once the brand is developed it is time to implement a well-constructed and thought-out marketing strategy. Taking a multi-pronged approach is what tokentarget does best through: web design, development and optimisation; impressive content and visuals; video, film and motion graphics; formal presentations and pitch decks; social media marketing/management; direct media buying; search marketing and more.

In order to target millions of crypto users across hundreds of thousands of websites, tokentarget also focus on crypto retargeting. They work with leading crypto portals with pixel based cookie retargeting to make their marketing efforts work harder.

Exclusive crypto data

The retargeting tools used by tokentarget enables the agency to retarget high-value users acquired from websites such as, FinanceMagnates, FX Empire and iFX EXPO. This, of course, maintains the buzz around a particular ICO and ensures the most influential financial minds are aware of the best ICO campaigns.

Essential analytics

Keeping a close eye on reporting, analytics and key performance indicators (KPIs) enables tokentarget to react quickly and keep an ICO marketing campaign on track to meet desired results. With a plethora of innovative and accurate ways to measure performance, tokentarget have all the necessary tools to make an ICO launch a success.

Comprised of a team of financial professionals with a background in fintech, finance, investment banking and crypto currencies, tokentarget pulls on years of experience from on-the-ground marketers with essential industry insight and understanding of the ICO marketplace. Complementing the team are the technological tools they use to implement and track marketing activity, and it’s that winning combination that makes them a top choice for those looking to launch a global ICO.