There is no easier way to physically give a digital asset than a Cold Storage Coin, Rob Gray says

CEO of Cold Storage Coins Rob Gray speaks about a unique Bitcoin cold storage for mass adoption in an exclusive interview with Cryptovest’s Nikita Sachdev.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency concept as a whole might be the most fantastic invention after the Internet, but it still lags too far behind in terms of broad adoption. Thanks to mass media attention and social buzz, it is no longer a niche thing targeted at a small group of computer geeks. However, market penetration in real life is still crawling along due to the inherent risks and complexity of the concept.

While cryptocurrency investments offer exciting profit opportunities, many people just don't have the risk tolerance to handle high volatility, numerous theft cases, computer code bugs, and human errors. It means that we need a more natural and safer way of acquiring and owning cryptocurrencies.

Only about 8% of Americans have ever invested in cryptocurrencies, and moreover, the majority of Americans remain skeptical towards this new form of money. The situation with crypto adoption is pretty much the same in other large countries. At the moment, 38% of Brits and 56% of Russians do not know anything about crypto; the percentage of crypto holders drops to 5% and 2% respectively.

To deal with these barriers to entry, Cold Storage Coins was created. It is a simple but brilliant idea that makes it easy to engage in Bitcoin virtually for anyone.

"Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is an exciting concept. There is a whole world to explore, but finding an easy entry point is really difficult. Did you download the right wallet, did you get online with the right exchange, how long did it take for the exchange to process your paperwork. Now you've got a Bitcoin in hand. Something you can hold instantly. There is nothing else to it," Cold Storage Coins's CEO Rob Gray explains presenting Bitcoin in its physical implementation.

The Cold Storage Coin is intrinsically valuable as it is made of investment-grade silver, copper, and gold. A QR-coded unique wallet ID is placed on the back side of the coin with a private key concealed under the holographic film.

"Like a porcelain piggy bank you can send as much Bitcoin as you want, and then when you are ready to use it, peel off the sticker, scan in the private key right back to you hot wallet, and voila you can use Bitcoin in any way you would normally,"  Rob says.

Currently, the Cold Storage Coin is available for a limited number of digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. It can be ordered online from the project's website. However, according to Rob Gray, the company plans to have it on the shelves of retail stores all over the world by the end of the year.       

“Put it in somebody’s Christmas stocking, give it away as a birthday gift. There is no easier way to give physically a digital asset than a Cold Storage Coin”, Rob Gray says.

To get more information about the Cold Storage Coin or purchase one, visit the official website