The Apollo Foundation Knows How to Stop Hard Forks and Update Blockchains

The company has presented a solution that will enable the overhaul and update of a decentralized blockchain in a secure way.


The Apollo Foundation announced the release of its Updater solution, which is designed to securely update blockchains via transactions within the blockchain itself. This innovative approach allows hard forks to be avoided and guarantees that all nodes will continue working in a sustained way and contributing to the network.

Speaking about the new features and capabilities of the product, the Director of the Apollo Foundation, Victor Konovalov, explained:

"This update will allow us to quickly and efficiently integrate smart contracts, as well as add new features to the blockchain. For us, the Apollo Foundation Updater is something that will help us achieve our long-term goals without issues such as splitting the blockchain into old and new versions. The Updater will allow streamlined updates into the existing blockchain model."

The significance of the Apollo Foundation’s invention is hard to overestimate as it is poised to prevent hard forks associated with critical issues, including block size. Thus, had this Updated solution have been used in Bitcoin blockchain, it would have helped to have avoided its hard fork altogether. Updater’s secure update mechanism retains the blockchain integrity and prevents any issues associated with network functioning.

The Apollo Foundation's CTO, Sergey Rohvarg elaborated on the Updated development and the goals of the company:

"With the help of the Updater, we added digital signatures to our network. Thus, we prevent the network from being overloaded with fake signatures and transactions. Now we update critical parameters without hard forks, which speeds up the blockchain. The Updater allows us to avoid errors when launching the automatic update algorithm, which is included in the transaction from the nodes of the Apollo Foundation. Now we can check and compare versions of updates and configuration changes with a digital signature and see the history of changes. This protects us from hackers and any unauthorized updates from unauthorized sources,” he said.

The Apollo Foundation has released the first all-inclusive cryptocurrency that utilizes all the useful features of digital assets while retaining unparalleled privacy characteristics. Apollo has the ambitious goal to become the most comprehensive and multifunctional cryptocurrency, while the next major update, Hermes 1.0, will make it one of the fastest digital assets on the market.

If you are interested in the project, visit the official website, or subscribe to the updates on social network channels, including Twitter and Telegram.

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