TapJets Announces Plans to Accept Crypto Coins

The airline has opened a competition to select an asset, with a standoff between Litecoin, Verge, and Ripple.

TapJets  has renewed the trend of adding crypto coins as a payment option. In the past, several small airlines started accepting Bitcoin, but during the long-term slump in prices, most gave up.

But now, altcoins are becoming more appealing, for their relatively low fees and a wider user base.

TapJets has started a query to select the right coin - and the candidates show the shift in the world of crypto, as three unexpected coins came to prominence.


TapJets, an app that is the Uber of airline travel, has riled up the Litecoin community. But Verge and Ripple fans may also show their strength in the coming hours.

Litecoin has an advantage for being the most widely accepted, and available easily to US-based buyers, through Coinbase, and more recently, the Gemini exchange. Litecoin is also the most stable in terms of price, with long periods of hovering sideways, with relatively little volatility. LTC market prices were shaken down a bit in the past days, sliding to $136.05, from recent levels above $150.

Verge is a curious case, for its high publicity profile. It seems like the marketing efforts of the past months paid off, and the coin gained visibility with businesses. XVG market prices are once again volatile and on the slide, going down to $0.053 from recent heights between 7 and 8 cents. The Verge project has a smaller user base compared to Litecoin.

Ripple is a whole other case, for being actively traded, and promising, but rarely being used as an everyday payment, due to the lack of a reliable personal wallet, and cumbersome usage. XRP slid again go $0.67.

At the time of writing, Litecoin was the leading choice, with 38% of votes, but Ripple followed close with 36%. The chief discussion and competition was about fees - currently, Litecoin is reliable, but slower and with higher fees compared to the other assets.