TAP Coin Takes Hospitality Industry to the Next Level

The revolutionary product brings big data, blockchain, leisure experiences and famous snowboarders together.


HOOCH, the first blockchain-based hospitality subscription app to bring real-world experiences and rewards to the market, plans to embed the TAP Coin (TAP) Wallet in all HOOCH member apps at the public launch and release of the decentralized TAP crypto-utility token.

“TAP Coin is designed with brands and hospitality companies in mind. It’s more than a utility token. TAP Coin is your ticket to the best in restaurants, bars, and nightlife culture around the world. Additionally, we believe our approach to data is incredibly innovative and will change the how data is bought and sold. It’s really the first time that consumers have been able to monetize their data,” HOOCH CEO Lin Dai said.

HOOCH has brought in celebrities to support the project, including world-famous snowboarder Shaun White, billionaire investor Len Blavatnik, and movie star Rosario Dawson. Among the big names backing the company are also Chris Burch, Stefano Rosso, Steve Cooper, Nouriel Roubini, Grammy-award-winner Maxwell, NBA all-star Baron Davis, and a host of other celebrities. For more information, check out the Telegram channel and you can find the White Paper on HOOCH’s website.

There is a simple answer to the question what has attracted those famous people to the project.

The TAP Coin carries various benefits both to users and brands.

Users earn TAP Coin tokens with credit card purchases that are redeemable for drinks, food, accommodation, and priceless VIP experiences at over 100,000 top hotels, restaurants and bars around the world.

Users are able to buy or earn tokens through these purchases or by opting into sharing their purchase data. These tokens can then be used to purchase real world goods like drinks at top restaurants and bars, or gifted to anyone.

Users can also get rewards for standard credit card transactions at partner venues, receive pre-negotiated discounts and perks on hospitality purchases, and gain access to “Money Can’t Buy” VIP opportunities such as snowboarding lessons with Olympic athletes, or jam sessions with Grammy-nominated recording artists and producers. Such purchases can be used to facilitate trustless redemptions for drinks, food, travel and ticketed experiences within the eco-system.

At the same time, big brands also get a number of incentives for being part of TAP Coin:

  • More efficient media spend via efficient data (60%+ response vs 0.1%)
  • A new customer loyalty and retention outlet that improves revenue and provides valuable insights about clients.
  • 1-on-1 relationships with consumers via smart contracts.

TAP is backed by blockchain. All data is encrypted on a secure blockchain with personal identifiable information removed and permission granted via smart contract to specific brands. Brands access data by directly paying consumers in TAP. Check out the roadmap for the product below:

HOOCH’s TAP Coin will kick off with around 200,000 users, and the number is seen expanding quickly, backed by the TAP crypto utility token, along with the completely personalized, incentivized. It is predicted that TAP Coin will spread across Europe, Asia, and South America by the first quarter of 2020, and the number of users is projected to rise over 20 million by Q2, 2020.


TAP Coin Website: https://tapcoin.net/

Telegram channel: https://t.me/tapcoinhooch

HOOCH: https://hooch.co/

HOOCH Black: https://hoochblack.com/