Swiss Crypto Assets Summit to Take Place on January 19-20 on WEF Sidelines

The Summit will be hosted by Himalaya Capital Exchange in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

Despite the cryptocurrency market blues, 2018 will be remembered as the year when institutional investors started to embrace digital assets. To promote and support this development, Himalaya Capital Exchange (HCX) will hold a two-day Swiss Crypto Assets Summit.

The most successful blockchain startups, investors, and crypto fund managers from the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia will gather in St. Moritz, Switzerland on January 19-20 to discuss the future of the industry. Block Tower Capital, Binance Labs, EOS Fund, and Crypto Assets Management are among the big names slated to participate and share their experience. The event will coincide with the 2019 Annual Davos World Economic Forum (WEF), which is considered one of the most important meetings of the global financial and economic elite.

This year, the industry will continue to pivot towards the institutional segment, while 12% of companies surveyed in 2018 by fintech platform Intralinks confirmed they had plans to make allocations to digital assets in 2019.

The Swiss Crypto Assets Summit offers an unmissable opportunity to learn from institutions with vast experience in cryptocurrency investments.

HCX chair Arifa Khan commented:

“When institutional participation in crypto economy is strengthening every day by way of investments in crypto focused funds and startups, infrastructure creation for security tokens, partnerships between Wall Street incumbents and crypto pioneers, active role of institutional custodians like Fidelity Digital Assets, allocation commitments by traditional endowments such as Yale, and Morgan Stanley declaring crypto as an institutional asset class, the public sentiment on crypto is still bearish as public awareness of these encouraging developments that ought to have a positive impact on the fundamentals is still low.”

HCX sees as its primary goal bringing together institutional capital and crypto projects to reinvent capital markets and help take crypto mainstream. Commenting on the features that set the Swiss Crypto Assets Summit apart from other industry events, Khan explained:

"I have traveled around the world for 18 months evangelizing crypto since first publishing the world's first pioneering Security Token white paper in June 2017, and I did not see any serious crypto funds or institutional investors at these gatherings. So I wanted to create an exclusive LP and asset manager roundtable where serious deployers of capital can be well informed about the crypto economy and meet crypto thought leaders face to face, separate the genuine industry opportunity from the fraud and hype that was rampant in 2017, dispel any misconceptions and forge a way forward. Crypto is the innovation Wall Street needs, not a threat to hide from. We will continue onward to a global investor roadshow starting February 2019 where the most promising crypto projects can join us and showcase to regional investors who can't make it to Davos."

The Summit attendees will learn how to:

  • launch security token offerings (STOs);
  • start a crypto fund;
  • manage operational and cyber risks in the crypto sector;
  • identify institutional-grade custody solutions and service providers;
  • foresee crypto trends in 2019;
  • and much more.

Visit the official website to learn more about the conference or join the Telegram group to stay updated.

About Himalaya Capital Exchange

Himalaya Capital Exchange (HCX) provides tokenized platform services for initial public offerings (IPOs) on a global stock exchange. The platform aims to become an alternative to investment bank IPO services, providing companies and startups with a cost-effective and democratic way to get access to global financing. This is the first securities marketplace governed by token holders.

HCX allows entrepreneurs worldwide to create their own shares and bonds and instantly raise money via an automated investment banking platform that runs on smart contract algorithms. The company expects to implement machine learning and artificial intelligence features in the nearest future.

Currently, HCX is supported by John Puttick (founder and chairman of GBST), Arun Sharma (deputy vice-chancellor at Queensland University), Leanne Kemp (CEO of Everledger), Ghanshyam Dass (ex-director of Nasdaq and board member of KPMG), and Mario Pazos (of Pazos Law, US), among others.

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