SunNetwork on TRON (TRX) Launches Testnet, Promises Greater Speed

SunNetwork is a second-tier solution for the TRON network, potentially carrying a larger number of transactions.

The SunNetwork, a second-layer scaling solution for TRON (TRX) entered the testnet stage this Tuesday. The network is yet another source of hype for the TRON project, and promises even faster transactions. Justin Sun, the co-founder of TRON, marked the milestone:

The SunNetwork will host a sidechain solution, DappsChain, which aims to bring an almost friction-free experience to distributed apps, with minimal energy use for transaction verifications.

“Moving on, the energy-saving, highly secure and efficient Sun Network will contribute to a more active ecosystem of TRON. Community developers will benefit from the network as well. In addition, a series of scaling projects such as the DAppChain and cross-chain communications will further expand the overall capacity of the TRON network, as well as improving the TPS and smart contract execution efficiency on TRON,” Sun said.

The TRON network has upward of 3 million accounts, carrying a growing number of applications, with more than 1.3 million transactions per day. The TRX market price hovers around $0.32, mostly relying on Asian trading. Still, the TRON project remains one of the most prominent in cryptocurrency social media. The series of announcements are seen as a positive sign of development, but also as overhyping some of the milestones.

The new testnet allows for smart contract deployment, as well as testing the DappsNetwork sidechain. There is still no deadline for the mainnet as developers test the potential for distributed apps.

The TRX asset is also attractive for offering ongoing BitTorrent token airdrops. The asset remains one of the more robust tokens on Binance, picking up in activity after the token sale (IEO).

BTT currently trades at around twice the post-IEO price, hovering around $0.0012 after paking at $0.0018. The asset is mostly speculated upon but functionally carries the option of being used with the BitTorrent software.

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