The Bitcoin Gold project is straightforward about one thing: it will airdrop free coins for any Bitcoin owner. This is an algorithmic certainty, as the project will copy the whole transaction history of the original blockchain. But the promise of free money still leaves the cryptocurrency community baffled by inconsistencies. 

Bitcoin Gold claims to be the ASIC-resistant implementation of Bitcoin, as the chain will use GPU mining instead of the high hash rate specialized machines. Because of this, the project will not affect the Bitcoin blockchain in any way, by attracting miners or mining pools away from the main blockchain or other ASIC-mined blockchains. 

But experts have discovered several flaws with the project. One is that there is currently no test net, as it is usual for upcoming mining. Secondly, the Bitcoin Gold chain might start mining with a very high difficulty level, which would make the chain impracticable. There is also no Emergency Difficulty Adjustment (EDA) in the code, which means the blockchain will not roll back difficulty to match the hashing power. And Bitcoin Gold will come with some pre-mining kept for the team. 

The new network is also not protected against replay attacks. The excuse from the project was that "there has only been one volunteer developer working on this project until now."

The Slack channel for Bitcoin Gold also holds warnings and lessons. Users are expected to share their private wallet keys with the new Bitcoin Gold Wallet. So the Slack channel has advice on how to avoid theft of Bitcoin. Never send the private key to a full wallet- send away the Bitcoin first and then import the key to receive Bitcoin Gold. 

The search for new coins may open up new scams to force users to share private keys. There are sites offering instructions on how to extract private keys, warning users to take their Bitcoin off exchange wallets and then share private keys. These sites are operational even before the October 25 launch. 

Despite the big claims and expectations, the Bitcoin Gold project lacks basic features that would mark a cryptocurrency as reliable and solid.

The official cutoff date for Bitcoin Gold is October 25, although the coin would be released on November 1. But some talk of a possible delay surfaced on the Slack channel. In November, exchanges also might start offering Bitcoin Gold, although for now the Bittrex exchange has declined a clear yes or no

Currently, Bitcoin Gold lacks a ticker- the BCG symbol is taken, and a possible XBG may be used for trading. The official wallet is expected to be released about a month following the release, and no one knows what would happen to the price in the meantime, while not all users have access to coins.