Stratis (STRAT) Releases Roadmap for Developments in Next Two Quarters

The STRAT market price recovered above $8 as markets are turning to green.

The Stratis platform continues to work on the promised updates, and the next six months may see most milestones completed. The first upcoming achievement will be two ICOs performed on the platform in the next few weeks.

The news lifted the STRAT market price to above $8 after the recent slump. At the peak, the STRAT market price reached $20 before wiping out most of the gains. Unfortunately, STRAT has been seen as a promising coin, but has not seen much market hype.

Even Korean trading has not been enough to lift up the STRAT price. At the moment, STRAT trading has been well-balanced between exchanges, with Binance gaining a larger share of trading, mitigating the price risk of Bittrex. STRAT trades at a premium of $8.79 on the Korean Upbit exchange.

Important Milestones

The Stratis project is currently building the courses for developers in the Stratis Academy, which was planned for March. This part of the project may be the most important, as it would increase visibility and attract developer talent. Stratis may be the platform where C# developers will manage to utilize their skills, and gain from the expansion of blockchain solutions.

Stratis is also updating its Stratis Identity application, with the aim to re-submit for approval to the Apple store.

The rest of the project's promises, such as privacy and side chains, will be released in alpha or beta versions until the end of Q2.

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Investors Return to Optimism

The STRAT market price has shown its ability to grow rapidly. Despite the deep corrections, STRAT has managed to climb to much higher levels.

Speculative investors are seeing the price potentially move much higher. However, at this point, with some expectations of a bear market, this development is in no way guaranteed. In the past, blockchain projects have continued to move sideways for years before a breakthrough.

In the next few days, the STRAT team would present at the Dallas Bitcoin Super Conference, further increasing interest in the project, both in reality and on social media. In the short term, the market price may benefit.