Stratis (STRAT) Awaits at a Low Price, Updates Beta Release

The Stratis platform hovers at low prices not seen in months.

The Stratis (STRAT) platform has long been seen as a “boring” digital asset. Now, STRAT is back to levels not seen in the past months. STRAT lost more than 10% in the past day to stand at $4.06, as the slide of the markets continues.

The Stratis platform has been extremely pedantic and careful, going with a roadmap with many preliminary milestones. This has caused the project to be overlooked compared to platforms that believe marketing is a priority.

STRAT was lifted up to $20 in the latest peak of altcoin prices, but has returned to levels not seen since last fall. But despite the low dollar price, STRAT may see even lower levels in terms of Bitcoin. The STRAT asset has not recovered against Bitcoin, and its dollar price may remain low without another BTC rally.

The biggest risk for Stratis is the relative obscurity of the project, and the slow development of technological milestones.


The much-awaited Stratis-based ICO, GLUON, will delay its token sale launch until May 31. With more than two months until the ICO, Stratis may remain overlooked. Alternatively, the delay may give more time for marketing and popularization.

Stratis Events Ahead

The next bout of news that could affect STRAT are expected at the end of March. One day is left until the announcement of the side chains alpha release. On the same day, Stratis smart contracts will also have its launch.

But the bigger event would be the Stratis Identity iOS app, which may bring further popularity to the project.

The next two months would see the project team active in promotions, visiting conferences around the globe. There are no technological milestones set for that period, once again leaving STRAT to develop slowly.

After that, the Breeze privacy feature is scheduled, a day after the GLUON ICO launch. The Stratis ICO platform would be available from June 30.