Stox (STX) Continues Upward Momentum with New Developments in 2018

Stox, the prediction markets platform which had a successful ICO last year (raising $30 million), continues to grow with new updates rolled out in December and a productive outlook in 2018.

STX, the platform’s native token, broke through the $1 mark at the start of January and peaked at around $1.70 this Monday, more than tripling in value since December 2017.

The trading volume and market cap also surged, with STX consistently trading in the $2-$3 million range every day.

Their Galton update saw further improvements in December, the most important being the successful integration of the platform with the Ethereum blockchain, using a private Ethereum node.

The platform’s smart contracts API was also completed and published on Github, allowing users to interact with the platform, create and manage their predictions, resolve outcomes and distribute tokens after an event has concluded.

Community feedback was also key in the platform’s user-interface updates, and on the HR front, the team was joined by a new junior developer.

While currently the platform utilizes demo STX tokens, around mid-February, the team plans to roll-out eco-system updates which incentivize the use of real STX tokens.

Additional UI updates are also on the agenda, meanwhile the team is testing their automatic market making module for a possible implementation in the future.

At the moment, STX tokens are available on HitBTC, Kucoin, Liqui,, Bancor Network, EtherDelta, COSS and Qryptos. As the project grows and STX trading volume increases, listings on major exchanges like Bittrex, Binance and Poloniex may take the price even higher.

Interestingly, Stox also announced a new predictions category today – ICOs – and InsurePal is the first ICO to be featured. For more updates, you can follow Stox on Twitter or take a look at their beta platform on