A previously undervalued digital asset, Stellar, was recently rebranded and shot forward in the series of pumps for altcoins. Stellar (XLM) is starting to grow again, breaking out to $0.18 after growing by 22.5% in the past 24 hours and more than 35% on a weekly basis.

The Stellar growth continues, as the network invites ICOs and recently there were news that Kik, the Canadian chat app, announced it would test the network in lieu of the current Ethereum-based token. Kik performed an overhyped ICO for the Kin coin, which has sunk soon after, never recovering the post-ICO price.

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But the news hardly moved the KIN token, while affecting the price of XLM positively. At the same time, investing in XLM remains risky due to low volumes and trading against BTC, which often depresses a coin's price in case of a BTC rally.

Investors in Stellar at the moment is not too happy about the current meteoric rise, as it may actually undermine the credibility of a project if the price dumps from the heights:

As for KIN, the coin has seen little luck, despite the popularity of the Kik app with mainstream Internet users. The coin, traded mostly on EtherDelta, has been flat for months at a fraction of the ICO price. The ICO itself was overhyped and had little success, not even filling the projected hard cap.

It is uncertain what the price of the new token would be, if Kik decides to migrate to Stellar, and what would happen to all the buyers into the ICO who would need to acquire XLM coins and learn a whole new network to operate with their coins. The positive thing is, Stellar offers a proprietary decentralized exchange for a more agile use of digital assets.

The Future of Stellar Lumens

Toward the end of a miracle year for cryptocurrencies, there are many projects vying to become "the next big thing", as 2018 looms. One thing is certain: right now, almost any coin can have its 15 minutes of fame, but the downside risk is still unknown. There are many projects, including WAVES and Stratis (STRAT) that aim to create usable, fast blockchains that lack the flaws of Ethereum in terms of speed and smart contract creation. But the current price pumps may boost the market prices to disproportionate levels.