Stellar Lumens (XLM) Looking Strong for 2018 After Team Announces Updates

After a fairly slow few weeks, Steller's latest post could provide the push it needs to break back above $0.40.

The new monthly roundup from Stellar came at a very critical time yesterday just as faith appeared to be dwindling in the current market. Bitcoin has failed to support itself above $11,000 for the second time despite the #1 cryptocurrency gaining well over the past 7 days; consequently, bringing the rest of the market down with it.

The exhaustive list presented by Stellar however, is an encouraging reflection of the team’s hard work in continuing to drive the project forward to reach new milestones and why this alt-coin will be worth watching in the upcoming weeks.

So what has the team been up to?

For those of you that haven’t already seen the roundup, the list breaks down Stellar’s latest achievements, partnerships and news into 4 subcategories: For XLM enthusiasts, for Developers and Entrepreneurs, for Financial Institutions and Partners and for Token Projects.

While everything on the list is compelling, there are a few stand-out updates that really ought to get everyone excited.

For those of you that are most interested in day-trading or HODL-ing Stellar Lumens (XLM), the team has announced that their native token will be listed on eToro, one of the largest social trading platforms. With a current client base of over 6 million, this platform will help market XLM to a much bigger audience and improve overall market awareness; something the community currently feels is lacking.

The Stellar network has also been adopted by two global remittance companies with one of those being Bluepan, proclaimed to be the world’s largest remittance service for migrant workers in Asia operating on the blockchain. The integration of the Stellar network will enable migrant workers to send money to their families overseas much cheaper and much faster than conventional remittance services. According to Bluepan’s figures, over 215 million migrant workers could potentially benefit from this new partnership.

Stellar has also become a real contender as an ICO platform, behind NEO and Ethereum. Such token projects as Nezly, a cannabis-based marketplace that connects consumers to participating vendors and Tides, a decentralized P2P health insurance platform that aims to remove central authority from extortionate insurance companies to provide a much cheaper blockchain-based alternative, are all highly innovative projects with the Stellar network at the core.

What can we expect?

In the current market, it’s hard to estimate any coin’s performance after promising news breaks out. Lisk still continues to fall in price despite successfully rebranding, Cardano’s price failed to attract any sort of bullish attention after its latest roadmap announcement arrived and even Monero is down despite a highly anticipated fork in the blockchain next week. 

Hopefully the community will respond to the team’s hard work and see the huge potential that this platform has in the year ahead.