SOZO Takes Food and Agriculture Industry on Blockchain

CEO of SOZO Jansen Chok speaks about the future of the food industry in an exclusive interview with Cryptovest’s Nikita Sachdev.

SOZO is a first-of-its-kind decentralized solution for the food and agricultural industry, developed by farmers and professionals with extensive experience in agriculture, food production, logistics and retail sales. The head and the founder of the company comes from a farming background. He has been engaged in the industry for the last eleven years, doing a lot of R&D with the aim to modernize planting techniques and optimize food logistics and the food retail industry.

"Due to this considerable experience, I deeply understand how difficult and how costly it is for the food product to be produced, go through all kinds of middlemen before it finally reaches the end consumer," Mr. Chok explains.

The modern food and agriculture industry faces many grave problems, including supply chain inefficiencies, lack of transparency and traceability of food product origin and the high risk of fraud, which results in economic losses and even health issues.

Speaking about the basic idea behind the SOZO platform, Jansen Chok said:

"To put it simply, SOZO is Uber or Airbnb, only for agriculture. We connect the farmers or food producers directly with end users, thus achieving economy of scale, whereby the farmer or food producer will be able to earn more, and at the same time consumers will be able to buy cheaper products of higher quality."

Unlike many other decentralized projects, SOZO doesn't want to weed the middleman out. The company plans to cooperate with all existing market players optimizing the food industry for the mutual benefit of all parties involved. The SOZO ecosystem offers a flexible business model that fosters a free trade market and allows intermediate parties to become end customers for farmers and have their share of profits, provided that they adapt their practices to work within the SOZO platform.

Currently, the company is seeking cooperation with Malaysian retailers to get them on board and work together to provide a more transparent food supply chain system, so that retailers and farmers earn higher profits while consumers spend less and buy food of proven origin and quality.

Speaking about SOZO’s infrastructure, Mr. Chok noted that the platform would include a food tracking system based on blockchain. This technology allows the community to create a trustless ecosystem where all information about a food product’s origin and logistics is written in the ledger, and thus instantly traceable and immutable at the same time.

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