Sooloox Offers Unique Token for Data-Based Earnings

The system of the Cash-Account-Key token helps bring value to users' online identities.

The Sooloox project aims to introduce a new type of utility token, that breaks away from the paradigm of common-type cryptocurrencies. The new platform proposed by Sooloox may reach up to 3.4 billion potential users. 

Consumers today give away their data for free, creating a chain of middlemen in a huge industry. Sooloox will aim to give customers control of their data. On the other side of the deal, vendors can buy the data, analyze the user behavior and attention, and convert their advertising to bigger sales.

The motto of Sooloox is, 

"From classic marketing to disruptive marketing."

The newly created CAK token, standing for Cash-Account-Key, would enable consumers to receive rewards for their data. Vendors would also increase sales and reach customers at a lower cost. 

There are no entrance barriers to create an account on the Sooloox platform, and start recording activities and making gains. Possession o f the CAK token is required so that the initially registered "Start Account" could upgrade to a "Cash Account".

A "Start Account" will acquaint users with the platform, and allow them to accrue points and rewards. But a "Cash Account" will serve as a fully powered wallet, allowing transfers to other wallets.

There is no limit to the participants in the Sooloox ecosystem. Any internet user can accrue points for generating data, and receive the rewards. Also, the CAK token would be a scarce resource, with only 10 million tokens minted. In the future, the value of CAK would rise with consumers and the value of transactions on the platform.

CAK owners can use a CAK within the platform, rented out to other users, or sold. 

At the moment, the Sooloox ICO is in the preliminary registration stage. A KYC procedure is necessary for purchase, and there are ample bonuses of up to 110% for early registration before 31.03.2018. The KYC registration requires presenting a passport and a selfie. 

The special offer for CAK tokens between 16 and 22 April 2018 would be $1.35 including all possible bonuses, after which the price would be adjusted to $9 for the rest of the ICO. 

The pre-ICO stage would offer special bonuses between April 16 and April 18, with one additional CAK token for each purchased token. In the days between 19 and 21 April 2018, the bonus would fall to 20%, or one additional CAK token for every five tokens purchased.

The ICO will start on May 04, 2018. You can view the detailed information on the Sooloox ICO profile page.