For most cryptocurrency enthusiasts, there’s rarely a middle ground when asked about Bitcoin Cash. They either hate it, or they love it.

Those who hate it will find as many reasons as they can to do so, and those who love it will find any reason to defend it against any reasonable argument. On Monday, we came across a tweet that added fuel to the fire.

User WhalePanda alleges that the Bitcoin Cash team created a new website for its wiki that rips off of the Bitcoin wiki. A quick look at the two shows that they are indeed identical, save for the fact that some words were changed with “Bitcoin Cash.”


The wiki itself, including all of its structure, appears to have been copied and pasted almost line-by-line from Bitcoin’s original wiki. A look at the site shows us that the new wiki was established on Saturday.

However, there are a few things that indicate that this isn’t Bitcoin Cash’s team ripping off Bitcoin. First, we look at the WHOIS data for both “” (the alleged rip-off’s site) and “” (the official site for Bitcoin Cash).

The former was registered at NameCheap last Thursday while the former was registered at GoDaddy. We don’t often see teams use two different registrars for two different sites because it often leads to administrative complications.

Believing that Bitcoin Cash’s team ripped off Bitcoin’s wiki and pasted it as their own would require ignoring this detail. However, it is entirely possible that the team developing BCH’s software and maintaining its official site decided to use a different provider for the wiki.

Then again, when we look at “,” we find absolutely no reference to the wiki. There is no announcement from their official Facebook page, either. Their last post on the page, in fact, was two days before the domain was purchased.

Although this still doesn’t prove that Bitcoin Cash didn’t rip off Bitcoin’s wiki, it presents a compelling argument that this might have been an elaborate prank of sorts, especially considering how prominent the cryptocurrency has become recently.

It bears noting that even if the team did rip it off, Bitcoin’s wiki is on a Creative Commons 3.0 license, meaning that anyone could reproduce it with modification even for commercial purposes.