SOLARIN Developer SIRIN LABS Launches ICO to Create Blockchain Phone and PC

SIRIN LABS, the developer behind SOLARIN, is now launching their own ICO in order to develop FINNEY™, the first open-source blockchain smartphone and all-in-one PC.

In an increasingly technology-dependent world, convenience and ease-of-use often come at the cost of security, and as we move towards the adoption of cryptocurrencies and digital money, security becomes a necessity, not a luxury.

SIRIN LABS, best known for developing SOLARIN, a smartphone purely focused on security and privacy, is now launching their own initial coin offering in a bid to develop a new breed of open-source, blockchain consumer electronics that will be powered by the FINNEY™ architecture, allowing all devices to form an independent blockchain network.

According to their official site, “SIRIN LABS’ vision is to become the world’s leader in secure open source consumer electronics, bridging the gap between the mass market and the blockchain economy” and they intend to achieve this by developing FINNEY™, the first open-source blockchain smartphone and all-in-one PC.

FINNEY™ devices, the first of which will include the FINNEY™ Smartphone and the FINNEY™ PC, will run a custom operating system – SIRIN OS™ - which will allow all the devices to connect to an independent blockchain network (utilizing IOTA’s Tangle consensus protocol) and utilize features such as peer-to-peer resource sharing, a built-in crypto wallet and fully secure communication services, including calls and messages.

Additionally, SIRIN LABS’ Cyber Protection Suite will ensure data and privacy protection by employing three-factor authentication, intrusion prevention protocols and blockchain based data verification to prevent tampering.

On the software front, all FINNEY™ devices will have access to a secure, decentralized app store that will be integrated with the peer-to-peer resource sharing system. SIRIN LABS will also be releasing a software development kit for the community in order to promote D-APP development.

SRN, the SIRIN LABS token, will be the default currency of the FINNEY™ network and will be the only way to purchase the products and services offered by SIRIN LABS.

Apart from creating their own products, SIRIN LABS also plans to forge partnerships with consumer electronics manufacturers and promote the FINNEY™ software platform and the SRN token to aid adoption. 

Speaking on the project and its potential, Moshe Hogeg, Founder and Co-CEO of SIRIN LABS, said:

“At SIRIN LABS, our mission is to bridge the gap between the mass market and Blockchain technology and we believe FINNEY devices are a big step in the right direction. By combining a secure open source OS with an elite user-experience, fee-less token transfers and Blockchain enabled Dapps, FINNEY will speed the mass adoption of the technology.”

Token Sale 

The token sale, starting on December 12, 2017, will see the distribution of SIRIN LABS token, SRN, which will be the FINNEY™ network’s default currency. There is no cap limit for the sale, and SRN tokens will be sold against Ether, at a fixed price, varying over the 14 days the sale will last.

In the first 24 hours, contributors will get 1,000 SRNs for one ETH, and the ratio will reduce each consecutive day, with the last day offering 500 SRNs for one ETH. 

You can participate in the SIRIN LABS ICO by heading over to their official site, or follow them on Twitter and Telegram for more updates.