Skycoin Surges 12% Thanks to Mcafee’s Latest Ink

John Mcafee is renowned for his unwavering loyalty to certain projects in this space, but this week he went to new lengths to demonstrate his support for one particular coin.

John Mcafee has rocked the crypto world again, this time taking to his infamous Twitter page to post a video of him getting the Skycoin logo tattooed across his back.

This latest stunt comes just five days after Mcafee met with the Skycoin team for the first time at the Malta Blockchain Conference. During his attendance at the event, the King of Crypto tweeted to to his 800,000 followers to declare his newfound love for the peer-to-peer hardware-based ecosystem. He praised Skycoin for having “some of the best technology in the crypto space” and was presented with a Skycoin Skyminer during the conversation.

The latest tweet has started going viral, and the project has already received an influx of new investment as traders flock to capitalize on Mcafee’s most recent endorsement. Skycoin peaked at $3.21 after rallying from its former price of $2.76 and is holding on to its gains well, currently up 11.96% against BTC at $3.12.

At this stage, it is unclear whether this was a paid stunt by Skycoin or simply another example of Mcafee’s determination to make his mark on the crypto industry. Either way, the cyber security magnate continues to set the bar high for every other crypto celebrity advocate to follow.

This is not the first time Mcafee has gone to extremes in support of cryptocurrency projects. He promoted Docademic in a video whilst recovering from an attempt made on his life back in June. He also received threats from the US Securities and Exchange Commission for his work related to initial coin offerings (ICOs) and then offered a $100,000 bounty to anyone able to hack his Bitfi crypto wallet.

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