SELFLLERY Rewards YOU Tokens for Shared Photos

Tokenizing personal copyright will be the future of content, and the SELFLLERY project is here to deliver.

The SELFLLERY ICO is on track to building its token-based ecosystem for protecting personal photos and rewarding the authors. The $1 million pre-sale of the YOU token bodes well for the main ICO event starting soon.

Monetizing social media has been a lengthy and involved process. Now, the SELFLLERY ecosystem makes this available for anyone participating in the platform, even without prior experience with cryptocurrency.

SELFLLERY aims to build an entire marketplace to sell or purchase copyrighted images, stock photos and other art. The rewards are calculated fairly by smart contracts. But SELFLLERY is much more: through the AdTech platform, advertisers and bloggers can connect, and send or receive rewards in YOU tokens.

"We’re very happy to see SELFLLERY’s success, and to see our new members sharing in our excitement," says Vadim Onishchenko, founder and CEO of SELFLLERY. "SELFLLERY’s mission is to share the profits from our social platform with the people who help develop it, rewarding their talents, their creativity and their efforts. Every social network makes money from user-generated content – we are giving it back."

The unique proposition of SELFLLERY targets amateur bloggers or photographers, bringing immediate rewards for social media efforts.

SELFLLERY also allows for photo competitions and photo calls. The competitions can then be turned into popularity campaigns. And with the added blockchain feature, any time an image is purchased, the author receives an immediate reward.

The platform also offers exposure and tokenization based on the Ethereum platform for bloggers, influencers and people with a significant online presence.

SELFLLERY already has a functioning ecosystem for photo sharing. But the ICO event will expand this product, and bring new opportunities. The token sale opens on March 5.