Securrency to Help QuantmRE Build Blockchain-Powered Real Estate Trading Platform

QuantmRE, a blockchain company that focuses on the tokenization of real estate assets, partnered with fintech company Securrency to build its property trading platform.

QuantmRE, a California-based company that leverages blockchain technology for the real estate market, announced on Friday a partnership with fintech firm Securrency. According to the agreement, Securrency will assist QuantmRE in developing the infrastructure and framework to support its fractionalized property trading system. The real estate-oriented product, for which QuantmRE filed a patent application, will be fueled by EQRE, a stablecoin that is to be linked with property-related assets.

According to QuantmRE, the new coin will allow investors to buy mini-stakes in homes and properties, as the token is backed by ownership of a fraction of a house.

Securrency will contribute with its proprietary CAT-20 security token protocol, which makes sure that tokens comply with the rules during secondary-market trading and through the movement insides and outside the blockchain network. The company provides a token key-lock that ensures that tokens cannot be held or traded via digital wallets that don’t comply with the required standards.

QuantmRE picked Securrency thanks to its top-quality products and technology that permit the former to conduct its EQRE offering and launch the planned global real estate marketplace.

QuantmRE CEO Matthew Sullivan commented:

“Robust, frictionless regulatory compliance is a critical component for the mass-market adoption of cryptocurrencies that operate as securities.”

“QuantmRE will use Securrency's versatile suite of technologies to launch its globally compliant, blockchain-based platform that will enable its members to diversify their investment portfolios into fractional real estate assets, as well as giving homeowners the ability to unlock the equity they have built up in their homes without having to take on extra debt,” he explained.

Securrency CEO Dan Doney said that tokenized securities represented a great opportunity for innovative firms and a new group of investors.

QuantmRE is now carrying out a Regulation A+ offering for the EQRE token. Besides, it is working on the blockchain-powered marketplace that would support transactions between real estate owners and investors.

The concept of security tokens has previously found application in the real estate market. On Thursday, we reported that a luxury building in New York is being sold to investors through security tokens on Ethereum.