Security Token Issuers Are Not Alone Now: Introducing Securitonomy

Krypton Capital launches Securitonomy, a platform that makes security token issuance and management easy, secure and legal.

After moving its headquarters to Malta, early-stage venture capital firm Krypton Capital is launching Securitonomy, a new project focused on turnkey solutions to facilitate fully compliant security token offerings. The platform will allow users to create security tokens and manage their issuance in accordance with Maltese regulations.

Malta, also dubbed the Blockchain Island, is famous for its friendly business conditions for companies engaged in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. It's among the first jurisdictions in the world to embrace the innovative industry and offer clear comprehensive regulations with a favorable tax regime.

Hence, Securitonomy will be working closely with Maltese regulators to provide a robust solution for security token issuers compliant with Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA) regulations.

Securitonomy platform: what's inside?

The platform will serve as a one-stop-shop solution with a wide range of services to cover the needs of token issuers, from technical assistance to strategic partnerships and legal advisory services. The platform addresses all macro and micro processes needed for a security token sale.

  • Smart token development, audit and token issuance: the platform allows users to create smart contracts based on Securitonomy’s native SERC-20 protocol, which follows regulatory rules for compliance
  • Security token sale dashboard: admin panel and investor dashboard tools available on the platform are designed for the best user experience during the token sale
  • Security exchange listing: partnerships with several exchanges will allow for tokens to be listed in the near future and also be tradeable on secondary markets
  • Legal advisory and strategic partnership: Securitonomy works with leading Maltese law firms to ensure full legal compliance in terms of KYC/AML, due diligence and other requirements

Krypton Capital will present the project at the upcoming Malta Blockchain Summit on November 1-2, so all summit participants will be able to get the information firsthand and ask questions.

If you are interested in the project and want to know more, join us at St. Julian, or visit Securitonomy’s official website.